2018 Summer Workshops

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The summer is the perfect time to revise your work and send it out for publication. Our summer series of workshops will help writers do just that by introducing them to a range of methods for reconsidering their work and reframing it for publication.

To sign up: http://gradschool.psu.edu/current-students/graduate-writing-center-workshops/


Strategies for Writing Literature Reviews

Date: Wednesday, June 13th  |  Time: 1:30–3:30PM  |  Place: 112 Kern

This workshop will cover the basics of writing a literature review from start to finish. Material will be applicable both to literature reviews that exist as part of a larger introduction and to more extensive literature review articles that stand on their own.  We will address how to narrow your search for sources, how to read sources critically, and how to effectively critique, analyze, and organize those sources in your literature review.

Instructors: Layli Miron and Miles Young, GWC Consultants

The Craft of Scientific Presentations

Date: Tuesday, July 10th  |   Time: 1:30–3:30pm  |  Place: 112 Kern

From an audience’s perspective, many research presentations suffer because the talks are unfocused. This lack of focus leads to much noise, which reduces the understanding by the audience. Much of the problem arises from speakers following PowerPoint’s defaults and building their talks on phrase headlines supported by bulleted lists. This workshop presents the assertion-evidence approach (http://www.assertion-evidence.com) to designing research presentations. In this approach, the speaker builds the talk on key messages supported by visual evidence. Our research has found that assertion-evidence talks are more focused and much better understood by audiences. In addition, our speakers (even those initially nervous about making presentations) report that using the assertion-evidence approach has given them more confidence.

Optional Preparation Assignment: Before this workshop, participants are encouraged to download a template from http://www.assertion-evidence.com/templates.html and create a couple of slides for their next research presentation. Participants are also encouraged to view the following model research presentations by graduate students.

Instructor: Michael Alley, Associate Professor, Engineering Communication

Drafting and Revising for Publication

Date: Monday, July 30th  |  Time: 1:30–3:30 PM  |  Place: 112 Kern

This workshop will cover strategies for drafting, revising, and preparing a manuscript for publication. We will address the various challenges that writers face at different stages of the revision process, including how to respond to conflicting or challenging feedback from advisors, reviewers, and editors. The second part of this workshop will address how to revise an existing draft to improve clarity, coherence, and sensitivity to audience.

Instructors: Layli Miron and Miles Young, GWC Consultants

All graduate students, regardless of disciplinary affiliation or English fluency, are welcome to enroll. Penn State encourages qualified persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please contact Layli Miron (layli@psu.edu) in advance of your participation or visit.